Tuesday, 17 October 2017 09:34

Sheehan is a No-Show

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Is this what democracy looks like?


I offered an invitation to Mayor Sheehan to come on Focus on Albany to talk about the issues Conservative Party Mayoral Candidate Joe Sullivan raised in his interviews with me. 

I received the following response

"Thank you for providing Mayor Sheehan the opportunity to comment on your Focus on Albany interview with Joe Sullivan. The Mayor has decided to decline your invitation."



Lincoln and Douglas are probably rolling over in their graves

Conservative Party candidate for Mayor in Albany Joe Sullivan shares his thoughts on the Democratic Party in the City of Albany

click the link below to hear the interview

Conservative Party Candidate for Mayor Joe Sullivan talks about the Fake Budget and Out of Control Property Taxes

click the link to hear the interview

Paul Grondahl talks about the Writer's Institute Conference in Albany the weekend of October 13

click the link below to hear the interview

WCAA Station Manager Musa Zwana discusses the National Radio Conference that will take place the weekend of October 6 in Albany

click the link below to hear the interview

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