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Vera Scroggins takes on Big Oil

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Vera Scroggins
Citizen Journalist and Tour Guide for Citizen Gas Tours


Press Advisory for My Sentencing at Next Court Hearing:

I was found in contempt of my injunction to stay 100' away from Cabot access roads/driveways

and their gas sites on Feb. 25, 2015

based on the single, testimony of gas worker, Jordan Huffman, who fabricated a story of seeing me on the access
road of a Cabot site in Dimock, Pa. on 1/16/15. He testified under oath; and had no photos;

I presented my testimony and two, other witnesses, and denied being on that access road or anywhere within the
100'. I parked my car and deposited three visitors from my gas tour on a private driveway 672' from the Cabot
driveway in question. I stayed on that driveway and waited for the filmmaker/journalist and two others to come after
videotaping the site.

I can be liable for fines, jail and legal costs for the Cabot Legal Team

Date of Sentencing and also Possible Permanent Injunction Decision is

April 23, 2015 at 1:30 at Montrose County Courthouse, Montrose, Pa. 18801 at 105 Maple St.

thank you: Please share far and wide to media and citizens;

Vera Scroggins
Citizen Journalist and Tour Guide for Citizen Gas Tours
71 Gus Park Lane
Brackney, Pa. 18812
570 918 0004
607 237 9685

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