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The Wealthiest Conference? The IDC

Written by  Nick Reisman
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Did the IDC win the war for the Senate without firing a shot?

Campaign finance records show the Independent Democratic Conference’s campaign coffers emerged largely unscathed from the battle for control of the state Senate.

Indeed, the IDC’s political action committee now has more money in it than the Senate Republican Campaign Committee and the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee.

A few caveats: We still have not seen the housekeeping accounts for either the Senate GOP or the Senate Democrats. Recall that earlier this year New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wrote the Senate Republicans a $1 million check for their housekeeping account, which has different rules for spending and reporting campaign cash.

Nevertheless, the Senate Republicans and Democrats exhausted their main campaign accounts, and slug fest resulted in no side emerging a clear winner in the sense that they have firm control over the chamber (Democrats have already won a majority of the seats giving them a numerical advantage and two races remain undecided).

Republicans have $274,469 remaining in their campaign account, while Democrats reported $1,405 remaining in the bank.

The IDC’s PAC reported $344,964.

The Senate Democrats have $1.4 million in outstanding debt remaining going back to the days when IDC leader Jeff Klein was the DSCC chairman.

Still, Klein and company were prodigious fundraisers, but didn’t have spend much money to fend off challenges after they were largely ignored in the binary fight between the GOP and the mainline Democrats. Klein had both the Democratic and Republican lines, David Valesky did not have a GOP challenger.


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